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Ever wanted to get into Crypto Mining? Now you can use almost any PC with the unMineable Software. unMineable is a crypto mining app that makes use of a Windows computer’s graphics processor or CPU to generate digital money for the user. Users get to mine for themselves without the need for a dedicated ASIC chip or expensive electricity. Read the following UnMineable Tutorial instructions to get started mining!

2. Click on the “Get started” button at the top.

3. Download the newest version provided.

4. Install the ZIP file.

Chrome may mark the ZIP file as “dangerous”. That’s because they can tell that it’s a crypto miner. But fortunately, you’re purposely trying to download a crypto miner for yourself. You can go into the settings to force to keep the file.

Furthermore, Windows may also identify your file as dangerous, so you may have to go into your Windows Defender or firewall settings to set no scanning to happen wherever you’re downloading the mine, temporarily.

5. Select Mining Hardware and Software settings.

If you know that you have a GPU in your computer, leave GPU selected. If not, select CPU. PheonixMiner is also fine to leave selected.

6. Select the coin you wish to mine, and then enter the wallet address for that token.

7. Your Hashrate on the next page should be increasing above 0Mh if successfully set up!

If you give it a few, your chart should also start to populate.