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Appen is Wonderful

Appen is fantastic because there’s such a wide range of remote, work-from-home jobs available to apply to on their site. But what other opportunities are there for those of us who want to start earning more with micro-tasking websites? Check out this list of other amazing sites to work with!

1. Toloka is a website where you can do micro-tasks for small amounts of cash. You don’t need any kind of special skills or education to complete them, and you can do them from anywhere!

Screenshot from the Toloka website

Join the Toloka website!

2. Qmee, a website where you can earn by doing simple surveys and tasks. You can earn simply by sharing your opinion on things and even shopping for deals to earn real cash rewards.

Screenshot from the Qmee website

Join Qmee using this link!

3. Clickworker is one of my favorite sites to earn extra money with. The tasks on here are to help improve AI technology, and you can earn quite a lot using their integration with UHRS, which will give you even more tasks!

Screenshot from the Clickworker website

I’ve personally earned several thousands with this website before, and I consider Clickworker one of my favorite websites to work with.

Join Clickworker using this link!

It should be noted that if you already are earning using UHRS on any other platform like Appen, you are advised not to sign up to UHRS on any other platforms as well. Your duplicate accounts will get recognized and terminated.

4. OneForma, an interesting place to work different kinds of remote jobs. You can earn quite a bit on here, especially with their integration with UHRS, similarly to Clickworker and Appen.

Screenshot from the OneForma website